1. notbadword:

    megane finally found his mahou shoujo


  2. Screenprinting is fun.

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  3. madam-science:

    my brother didn’t believe I’m actually bran stark so I proved it with photographic evidence


  4. erosdervishi:

    The Flaming Lips/Are You A Hypnotist? - An Illustration

    Eros Dervishi 2014

    Check out my friend’s work! And be sure to follow him on Tumblr!

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    you fucking salmon


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  6. my friend’s work! check out her tumblr!

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  7. #WeBelieveInYouKris

    ugh my tears.


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  8. alicestration:

    My SVA Junior year Thesis

    Wow, these pieces were such a struggle. This whole past school year was a push and pull of me just finding out what I’m strong at and what I am just completely bad at… This is my version of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. I’m 100% certain this isn’t my best work, but I know I’m onto something good. There’s something here that wasn’t really present in all my previous works but I’m proud to have finished the school year with a bang.

    All work belongs to me

  9. alicestration:

    at the high line park

    great weather today!

    shameless self-reblog

  10. fyeahartstudentowl:

    Just imagine, running out of white paint at 2am would no longer create panic.

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